Tcl Active Script Engine

TclScript is a SourceForge project to provide an Active Script interface from the Tcl interpreter. This will allow Tcl to be used in Windows Scripting Host and Internet Explorer. Successful implementation of this project will put Tcl in with Perl, Python and Ruby as Open Source languages that can be used natively in Windows programs.

The project requires impementation of IActiveScript and IActiveScriptParse along with support for [COM] / ActiveX objects within Tcl.

Once a bit more work gets done, there will be some code and documentation on sourceforge. The project is registered there under and the documentation will be at However, I'm due a new baby in about two weeks (about 8 August 2001) so I might be a little slow with the initial release.

If anyone would like to discuss this - mail me via SourceForge


23 July 2001
The TclScript engine currently uses an statically linked and minimally patched [tcom] package to get the [COM] access required. It can be instantiated in scripting hosts and return parsed answers.


ActiveX Scripting FAQ
Generally useful FAQ for both hosts and engines. Covers pretty much everything for the techical user.
Microsoft Scripting
The MSDN scripting section.

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